Life SLG Youtubers Life 2 play repo A large number of attractiveness to grow slowly but many problems

PLAY ONLINE released YouTuber experience life simulation YouTubers Life 2 for PC from October 19, 202. In the sequel work of YouTubers Life in the 2016 release, the elements as life simulation are more expanding.

YOUTUBERS LIFE 2 FR #3 : Billet pour la PlayCon !

This work is a simulation aiming for the world s best distributor that the main character invited to Neptune City where the distributors live. The player will distribute the street while exploring the city s walk and exchange between the residents, and the secret of hidden in the city, and deliver the news to earn popularity.

In addition, many real world-speaking distributors such as PewDiePie, instar and El Rubies in the game appear. Each own event is provided, and you will help players by collaborating.

In this paper, we will deliver the Play Report of YouTubers Life 2.

Welcome to the district city Neptune City !

The story starts with the scene where the main character clears the previous work YouTubers Life. When I was immersed in the afterglow after clearing, the PC screen switches suddenly and the person says Xavier appears. Isn t it a right to live in the city Neptune City where the main character is gathered.

The previous work YouTubers Life was the purpose of scouting the first person who first cleared the promising YouTuber. The player will receive an invitation from this Xavier and send a new life as a delivery person. By the way, if you did not receive an invitation, it will be ending.

Neptune City has a city hall, a city hall with an E-Sports bar, a town hall with a government office and a luxury restaurant, a port with a hair salon and a fishing tackle store. If you decide the name of the living area, the player s appearance, and the name of the artificial intelligent drone that supports video production, the initial setting ends, and finally the life in the new world will start.

However, as a distributor, the main character of a newcomer. First, according to the drone advice, you will be able to shoot the first video including self-introduction.

The first video is almost no evaluation! The road to popular delivery person is far

The first thing to create the video of the video blog category. Recording delivery of this work is a method of selecting a card distributed per shot round. The contents of the card increase or decrease the five evaluation gauges, and when the gauge is maximum, the evaluation will gradually gradually gradually.

Video data after shooting can be edited in the Video Editor of the PC in the room. The data is divided into clips for each shooting round, and you can get higher rating when connecting well. If you have a margin for resources, you can also improve quality with video processing.

First, according to the tutorial, post the first video you created to the channel. Immediately reflects the image evaluation, but there was no sense of popularity and the reaction sent to the main character of Channel registrant 0 was a very lonely result of high evaluation 3. Thank you three people.

It is a hero who flew to that day, but you can see the advice from the Xavier who saw the video the next day.

Search for trends around the city!

Trends are the seeds of rice for this world s distributor. Visuals and photos including trends are easy to obtain highly valued, and it is difficult to increase channel registrants. In this work, it is important to answer your needs even a little because the money obtained by the number of viewers and the number of evaluations upgraded.

The trend of the day is displayed at the beginning of the day, and you can check at any time from the smartphone. Keep the top trends in this world almost every day, so remember places such as spots and products in the city. Basically, since the game is easy to enter the trend, I think that the early stage will be in the game shop Player 1.

By promoting a little game, it will be possible to live distribution as well as recorded images. Live delivery is a system that raises the rating in the sound game, and you can also donate from the viewer during live. However, let s be aware that the physical power consumption at the time of shooting is intense. Live delivery in the trend s game and shooting spots is a chance to acquire high evaluation. The physical strength can be recovered by food.

In addition, by grading the drone that supports the main character, it is also possible to shoot at night and shooting ban areas. Besides, we do not have trouble in this work, such as PC parts update and house expansion, so let s think about delivery including trends as much as possible.

Interchange with people and improve the quality of delivery! Are you collaborating with famous deliverers?

If you are walking out the city for a trend, there are many stores and characters with a character. Exchange with them is also an important point in this work. The resident who lives in the distributor s gathering city Neptune City can, of course, be done, of course, to the store management, the mayor, and a wonderful monster (?). Some characters can get married if you get along well.

By getting along with them, you can earn new cards that can be used during delivery, and enjoy individual events. The adorableness of the residents is talking present present shooting video and photographs together. The smartphone s address book tool also lists the profile or favorite presents, so it is not troubled to character management.

In addition, from the residents, receiving and delivering luggage from ○ ○ Taking a picture of the trend of 〇 Earn more than 10,000 viewers with a live distribution of 〇 such as A task occurs. In addition to making money by handling the task, some tasks will actively use it because the sensitivity of the target NPC also increases.

By getting along with the character to some extent, it will also be revealed that the city and other characters are clear. Apparently this Neptune City seems to be hidden some problems such as some conspiracy and extreme.

Are you also interested in topics related to Neptune City Games?

In addition, as one of the sells of this work, there is a global popular distributor appeared! The appearance is that PewDiePie trainer LaurenzSide Palate GermanletSplay INSTAR Margin EL RUBIES Regatta (777) Willy Rex. Players can earn various rewards, such as cards and costumes that can be used in delivery by helping them. You can also collaborate (?) In the event.

YouTubers LIFE 2 introduced here. It is an attractive and happy element for the player who wants to play with the residents and interacts with the residents. However, because the life simulation element is darker than the previous work, the life simulation element is getting darker, so some people may break the evaluation.

There is a part that is difficult to understand about Japanese translation, and depending on the situation, it is difficult to evaluate that the serifs do not hesitate and nothing. The restaurant is confined depending on the standing position of the NPC, and there is no problem that the event will not progress, and it is not possible to deny the situation that is hard to play slightly at this time.

Update patches are delivered on November 5, and several deficit corrections and adjustment of game balance. Problem Some elements have been improved, and the performance of the game has also been improved. Correspondence to feedback is also quick, so it is a work that can be expected to be updated in the future.

YouTubers LIFE 2 is delivered for PC (Steam) / Overseas PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch. On December 9, 2002, PC (DMM) / PS4 / Nintendo switch is scheduled to release the Xbox One version on December 10, 2021, on December 9, 2021.

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