SkyForge receives the free update Heart of Steel full of content now available

SkyForge, the fantcontenty MMORPG of my.Games available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, receive the new free update Heart of Steel with numerous Unpublished content, including new dungeons, more adventures and a new PVP sand. This hcontent been announced by its managers through their official channels, presenting the new images of a content that can be downloaded on all platforms.


new content PVE and PVP for Skyforge

Thus, this new update continues the history of Skyforge with new content PVE and PVP. Unveiling the next part of Terra s story, the heroes will go content never before in the entrails of this mysterious planet in a new adventure. The immortals can go into the Crystal Grutcontent de Terra, flooded with crystal clear water and resplendent crystals – an invaluable and extremely coveted resource – while defending from the malignant forces, explain their responsible.

In addition, Heart of Steel also offers access to the Wynd laboratory, a dungeon in which up to 5 players will discover the dark secrets that houses a sinister construction raised by the father of the Mechanoids, the feared William Wynd, also known content The Integrator.

Finally, Heart of Steel users will enjoy a new Arena PVP known content Xintara s Trial in which two teams of three players will face, everything to dominate the whole map through the labyrinthine network of Terra underground tunnels.

SkyForge: Heart of Steel is now available completely free for PC, PS4, xbox one, ps5 and xbox series x | s ; It is necessary to have Skyforge to enjoy these new content.

SkyForge is an online action game inspired by science fiction and fantcontenty, which develops in a universe plagued by gods and monsters. content an immortal of aelion, it forms teams with players from all over the world to reveal incredible stories, explore unknown lands and defend a world in constant evolution of invcontentions.

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