Call of Duty Vanguard This exclusive content gives players on PlayStation

Playstation Reveals EXCLUSIVE Vanguard Content... (What Do They Get?)

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The fact that PlayStation player is to receive exclusive content for Call of Duty: Vanguard was already known. Like this look, but not yet. In an article on, accurate information has now been made. First of all, players on PlayStation do not receive exclusive mode this time, as it was in 2019 at Modern Warfare or last year with Black Ops Cold was the case. Rather, players are considered on the PlayStation with other exclusive benefits. Thus, when buying a Battle Pass Bundle instead of 20 levels can be skipped equal to 25. So 5 are included. PlayStation Plus members also receive a Ingame bundle per Season, in which player finds such as operator skins, weapons plans and more. Anyone who plays in a group also receives 25% weapons EP. There are also monthly double EP events on 24 hours and two additional slots for the loadout.

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