The Boys is marked by a What if and show what would happen if Hughie was patriot

There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated series by the fans of the superheroes is the third season of The Boys, one of the most gambler productions that shows a much more realistic and gross vision of the superhero world.

The series starts with Hughie , a good boy who lives a quiet life until one day he sees astonished how her girlfriend is literally burst when a superhero is accidentally ahead as she ran to super speed.

After this, Hughie is recruited by Billy Butcher to The Boys, a secret unit of the CIA destined to put the individuals with super powers in silet that pass from the line.

Thus, Hughie will enter into the twisted world of the supervisors, where corruption and excess are at home, discovering that there is something much more sordid under the surface …

With the filming of the third season of The Boys already finished, it is a matter of time we see any official advancement of the new episodes.

Meanwhile, from the official Twitter account of the The Boys Series have wanted to make a parody of the recent Marvel Studios series What would happen if …? Showing alternative versions of some of his characters. You can see it below.

Follow Me, The F Cking Butcher, and Ponder The Question: What IF?

  • The Boys (@theboystv) October 23, 2021

Putting butcher as if the vigilant were dealt, the tuit recreates the character s quote from Marvel and adapting to the style of the character incarnated by Karl Urban . Follow me, the P to Butcher, and ask the question: What would happen if …?

Thus, we can see an alternative reality in which Hughie is the very Patriot, Frenchie as deep, Kimiko being Queen Maeve or breast milk in the role of A-Train.

At the moment there is still no premiere date confirmed for the Boys season 3 on Amazon Prime Video , keeping in mind that you will arrive at some point next 2022. Meanwhile, here we remember some of the best adaptations From comic book to non-superhero cinema.

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