Nexon Halloween seasonal event disclosure in 10 species

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[Data provided: Nexon]

\ – Banquet of the Count of Pumpkin, Tranquil Night Wells Boys

\ – Dark Non – Dark Costume, Halloween Cat Ears

Nexon said the Halloween season is to show a variety of events in 10 types of the game, today (28th).

Within the game, you can open the dichro event so that users can enjoy the Halloween atmosphere, and provide a variety of benefits to help the game item or character growth as a theme of pumpkin, ghost, and grinding, and others with participation compensation.

First, in mobile game opens the Carover Halloween Party event that provides lantern sculpture to users who participate in racing from 29th to November 14th. When you participate in the collection of lantern sculptures, you can get Dark Negopcosto, Halloween Ghost Balloon.

In addition, from October 31 to November 1, Halloween Pumpkin Cart (30 days), Halloween Ghost Balloons, will provide Halloween Ghost Balloons (30 days), and on October 31, K coin and Black Cat Sticker.

In addition, we will continue the Tranquil Night Wells event, maintaining the domestic economy at night, and adding the well to the houses around the left of the left. When you start the daily mission, you can acquire a money, experience, goblin candy, Lile Law 50. Goblin Candy is available as a material during production, such as a virgin / fascinating ghost-clothes / face / head, and angry virgin ghost-clothes / face / head, and s dyeing dye.

In , we provide a skill textbook, a secret store invitation, and the like, with a large amount of gold to the user who enjoy the event dungeon amperture of the Event Dungeon Amount of the Event Dungeon. You can exchange Mythological Square Boxes, which can earn the best rated digestion in the event store, which can acquire the highest rated stars in the event stores, and can be exchanged as a variety of products have.

Online Games proceeds to Halloween Candy Party events from November 1 to 9:59 am. When NPC Cassandra is a hint based on a hint, candy can be made when a material item is collected, and a user who made a total of three kinds of candy in the event period will be paid as a compensation for Halloween Cat Ear Replacement.

opens the Wolmong event that illuminates the secret of the moon under the moon shadow to November 11th. By collecting Moonlight Coin through a daily quest, it is an item of Halloween atmosphere, such as the Moonlight archaeological assistant, and it can be replaced by the Sacred Seongsu as a Onyx Box. If you complete the Wolmong scenario quest, you will receive a second title acquisition coupon for the month of missing the month month.

In addition, when the weekend in the event period, it is possible to obtain moonlight coin and magic attendance pass and various gesture cards as ontimes compensation.

In , two new tracks ghost festivals and joint cemetery, and a parent jewelery with the game access and play compensation until November 10, Open the Events Camilla s magical library event that can get a variety of items.

If you clear the Ghost Battle Team with the Halloween season limitation on the same period, you will receive the Ghost Battle King Emblem, Ghost Battle Emblem, the Ghost Battle King Emblem, 1 ~ 100 Nexon Cathy (10,000 won) Provides.

In FIFA Online 4, Saturday is a 2021 Halloween pumpkin uniform and [21.10] Halloween boxes when Saturday access the game on October 30 through the event.

Halloween Event Breakdown!! Secrets! New Mons! New Pumpkins!
[21.10] Halloween Box can acquire one of the Halloween Platinum / Special / Gold Box, and the Most of the Most of the Components of Halloween Platinum Box, Pack (1 ~ 5), [EBS included] Final OVR 100 ~ 105 Special Pack (1 ~ 5), [EBS, BOE21 included] Salary 21+ Special Pack, [EBS, BOE21 included] OVR 96+ Special Pack (3 ~ 5th round), Lucky BP card (50 million ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~).

In , the original map Verto and Assault are changed to the Halloween theme concept by November 4, which provides a pumpkin grenade that is applied according to this period connection. In addition, when the mission is achieved and collects the candy basket, it can be replaced by a Halloween waiting room mark (300 days), The transcendency for the Waiting Room Mark (300 days), Transcendence Detox, Class Determine, and Pumpkin Head Costume (15 days) Write a Halloween font (1 day) and pumpkin hair (1 day).

In , by November 11, the siege is achieved choice-type Wonder Magent, Choice Pump Kids, At achieved pool unique pack box, Full Supplies Pack Box, Costume Pack, Costume Treater, Selection [☆ Treat ☆] Frame.

, conducted a Happy Halloween event until November 4th. If this period is completed daily in conjunction quests and mini-games daily [Kobo] full of Halloween pumpkin basket to provide and utilize them [Kobo] Halloween Zombie Custom Standby Motion cube, [Kobo] switch Camp stickers accessories Cube [El Metalurgs] dream step-Halloween Pumpkin, [El Metalurgs] can be exchanged for various items related to Halloween such Nolan Pumpkin head.

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