Iron Fist is calling it gives up in 2022

Simply a day after finishing a Ghost Rider 50th anniversary/new Johnny Blaze ongoing series two-part teaser, Wonder Comics is out with an additional – this moment for Iron Fist.

danny rand, iron fist scene pack pt 1
But while because new Ghost Rider series Johnny Blaze is tipping back into his Spirit of Vengeance mantle, Marvel s Iron Fist tease has Danny Rand bowing out the Iron Fist mantle – a procedure he began months ago.

In the recently wrapped up restricted collection Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, both Danny Rand as well as Pei passed along their Iron Fist powers to Okoye to defeat a villain. After their success, Okoye deposited the Iron Fist powers in an egg of Pei s dragon, Gork, who was being reborn as Gork the Unequaled – changing Shou-Lao the Undying, the dragon from which the Iron Fist powers were formerly extracted from.

Yeah, you check out that right – what a story.

At the end of Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny proceeded to wear the Iron Fist costume – but when inquired about his future strategies by finest close friend as well as constant partner Luke Cage, he responded that he planned to live life to its max.

That currently shows up to consist of abandoning the outfit unceremoniously in a back street trash bin with the words Iron Fist Say Goodbye To, a familiar photo as well as expression that of training course is Marvel s most recent tribute to 1967 s renowned Remarkable Spider-Man 50 page in which Peter Parker discards his costume into an alley trashcan.

Marvel prepares to reveal more on this Iron Fist project on October 29, with the title or tale arc itself planned to debut in February 2022


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