Super Robot Wars 30 Terada P Top P Talks Auto Battle Tactical Area Select Introduction

BANDAI NAMCE entertainment Super Robot War 30 released on October 28, 2021. As 30 and the title, it is a work that is the 30th anniversary of the Super Robot War series.

Since the first production of 1991, since the dream crossover due to the master work robot work, the Super Robot Wars is considered to be certified as Guinness World Record as the Maximum IP License in the Role Playing Video Game Series series.

It is such a history of Spa Robo, but this work implements new features such as Tactical Area Select and Auto Battle. So, this time, I interviewed Mr. Takao Terada of the series producer and the producer. We asked about the 30 concept and the aim of the new function.

-A will be the 30th anniversary of the series, but please tell me about the concept of this work.

Mr. Terada: I thought that I wanted to play a wide player layer.

-Do you have two new functions Tactical area select and Auto Battle to realize the concept?

Mr. Terada: Yeah. Spa Robo tends to have an impression that it takes time and effort and was actually that. This work improves usability that the story is advanced only in the battle where the story progresses to reduce the burden on the user, and the player side is advanced in the Auto Battle.

  • Tactical Area Select is a system that changes the story deployment and the calibration order by choosing the map to be played from any point.

Mr. Togo: Introduction of Tactical Area Select also aimed to make it easier to see what kind of scenario. I choose a mission from the map now, but there is also information about the content of the mission. I hope you will be helpful for play.

AUTO Battle is a function that makes motion of aircraft automatically and combat in missions. I think that it is useful if the ally is overwhelmingly strong or if you want to earn money.

  • I think that the introduction of AUTO battle is challenging as a series, but how was the fans?

Mr. Terada: You may be surprised if you are surprised, but you can enjoy it as well as the choice. Also, if you want to move the unit as you like, such as when I want to earn an experience value for a specific character, you need to play manually. To the end, it is incorporated as one of a few useful features.

  • You are the like in the form of an increase in your choice.

Mr. Terada: That s right. There is no problem if you don t use the AUTO battle at all, and I think it would be possible to think as a supplementary way to use when you want to use.

  • Is there any difference from past works on the scenario s branch side by the introduction of Tactical Area Select ?

Mr. Terada: The rough branch of the scenario does not change so much with past work. The scenario goes on by choosing which mission dotted to the map. There is also a mission that comes out by meeting certain conditions.

-How is the volume of the scenario?

Super Robot Taisen 30 ~PV2~
Mr. Terada: If you play only the key mission, you will get to the Story ender earlier than the Spa Robo T that you have released before, but it takes more than Spa Robo T to clear all missions. I think the time to clear the final story by the player will change.

-When King of Hereman-Gaogaigar vs Better-Magici Hero Police Jedker Kaiskaiser Infinitism SSSS. GRIDMAN, Mazin Kaiser Infinitism SSSS. GRIDMAN, which is a new participation, Mazin Kaiser Infinitism, SSSS. Gridman, etc. Was it?

Mr. Terada: Basic is a questionnaire result, but in addition, it also takes into consideration whether there is a new deployment such as goods and video content.

  • Spa Robo is a long series of history, but is it possible to enjoy this work from the first player?

Mr. Terada: The story of Super Robot War 30 is not related to the past Spa Robo, so it s new one by the first time. If you know the participation work of Spa Robo 30, or if you like the simulation game, it is a good boy.

Mr. Susumu: SSSS.Gridman is also a popular work for young people. Spa Robo tends to be likely to have a high threshold, but I hope you enjoy your first person.

  • Lastly, please give me a message for the fans looking forward to this work.

Mr. Most of the fans, I ve been very happy to the fans, but I think that it is a work that can be enjoyed even with the Tactical Area Select and Auto Battle, so it is always a work that can be enjoyed for hardware, so if you are always playing If you feel free to take your hand for a long time or for the first time.

Mr. Terada: Even beginners, I think I can enjoy it if I have one favorite work. It would be appreciated if you could touch Super Robot War 30. I used to play Spa Robo in the old days, but I m glad if you can play if you have no time recently…….

AUTO Battle and Tactical Area Select, etc. help also help play, and it seems to be able to enjoy casually from busy people. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy it as before, you can enjoy it as it manually manually.

Super Robot War 30, where the width of play has spreads is on sale for Nintendose switch / PS4 / STEAM.

UPDATE (2021/10/28 17:50): Mr. Terida s remarks and fixed.

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