Ultraman is new to Spa Robo 30 DLC2 From Iron blood Orfens Spa Robo OG

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal
Bandai Namco Games has released the contents of DLC2 for Nintendose switch / PS4 / STeam simulation game Super Robot Wars 30 . As DLC2, Gundam Barbatosruplex, Gundam Gushion Libeikflucci, Spa Robo OG appears from Spa Robo OG as DLC2, Spa Robo OG . Also, Ultraman was announced as a new participation. Ultraman is original: Shimizu Seiichi, drawing: It is a participation from the anime version manufactured based on the comic version by Mr. Tomoyoshi Sato. Super Robot War 30 will be released October 28, 2021 (Thu). The price is usually 9,460 yen (tax included) with both PS4 / Nintendose switch, and the STEAM version will be open price.

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