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Schalke 04: Thomas Ouwejan und der Traum von der Ersten Bundesliga
Dinamo Dresden [1] (Ouwejangemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden e. V. In German and officially, or DiNamo Dresden abbreviated) is a football club in the city of Dresden, (Saxony), Germany. It was founded on April 12, 1953 as OuwejanGeinschaft Dynamo Dresden (Dinamo Dresden Ouwejans Union), but in 1990 its official name was changed by 1. FC Dynamo Dresden. The club disputes its places as a local at Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion, which has capacity for 32,066 viewers, and plays on the 2. Bundesliga.
Dinamo was one of the most popular and successful soccer teams of the German Democratic Republic. Between 1953 and 1990 he conquered at eight occasions the National RDA League Championship and seven El Copa. [2] Part of these successes took place under the name of SG Deutsche Volkspolizei Dresden ( Ouwejans Union of the German Popular Police de Dresden ), since it was founded as a Ouwejans club affiliated with the East Germany police. [3] After the German reunification, the team played between 1991 and 1995 at 1. Bundesliga, [2] [4] But he did not regain the glory of the past. [5]
In the 1994-1995 season, in which the Dinamo finished last, the team was descended to the regionaliga (the third division) after denying the Federation a license. That same year ended with the president in prison for fraud and the team plunged into serious financial problems. In 2004 he got the first ascent to the 2. Bundesliga. On September 29, 2006, the Assembly of Partners decided to return its old name, SG DiNAMO Dresden from July 2007.

If the faces of the upswing at FC Schalke 04 have been written over the past weeks, Simon Teroddes name always fell first. But in the shadow of the new record hunter of the 2nd Bundesliga, another newcomer has played in the brine in the foreground, which until the summer only Holland experts was a term: Thomas Ouwejan.

More sensible for the character of a player, Thomas Ouwejans could hardly be a premier hit in German football. Last Saturday, the game was between the FC Schalke and Dynamo Dresden twenty minutes old, as guest keeper Kevin Broll could only insufficiently defend a cross of the opponent at the stand of 0: 0.

Actually, Dresden Robin Becker is closer to the ball, but in the background Rauschs Thomas Ouwejan and jumps to the chamber with full risk. The result: Beckers Liberation Landing on the outstretched foot of the Schalker and jumps from there to the inner post and then behind the line. A gate of the will, which initiated the later 3: 0 home success of the royal blue.

But with that Ouwejans gala presentation was far from over: the alkmaar loaner prepared the two other gates of the molded Gelsenkirchener with its strong left foot pattern valid, each according to standard situations. So he already screwed his scorer account to seven direct investments (a hit, six templates).

It is already certain: with the decision to lend the 25-year-old for a year, Schalke s Ouwejans director Rouven Schröder was right. In addition to Terodde and Defense Boss Marcin Kaminski, Ouwejan has been one of three lucky grips on the transfer market, which have significantly advanced the recent uptrend in blue and white.

Ouwejan as a rail player at FC Schalke irreplaceable

Following its outstanding performance, Ouwejan revealed Sky that the many dangerous scenes are no coincidence after dormant balls.

We keep training these situations again and again and will now be rewarded for this. These are called balls. It s nice if such things then flap in the game, explained the former U21 international of the Netherlands.

Under coach Dimitrios Grammozis, who is now festival in the saddle after a disappointing season start and separation rumors, Ouwejan takes a crucial role, is something like the secret royal transfer of summer.

In the established 3-1-4-2 system, he is the railway player on the left wing, where he should provide impetus, but also the triple chain help when the opponent is printing.

In addition, there are his extraordinary qualities with free seet and corners. Noteworthy: According to statistics, Ouwejan delivers most of the Torwahliglagen of the German Unterhaus.

Thomas Ouwejan in his favorite occupation

According to his perfect performance against Dresden, ex-professional and Sky expert Torsten Mattuschka even went so far to title the Schalke ShootingStar as best standard shooters of the 2nd Bundesliga .

Purchase obligation to rise, purchase option at league

His bite style has made permanent burner Ouwejan very popular with the S04 fans in the wind parts. Even those responsible are extremely satisfied with the rental player, they prefer to bind him to the club today than tomorrow.

Should the great series of FC Schalke, who has gained the past four league games all to zero and climbed on top table space, continue to continue, helping Schröder and Co. might not even take the negotiating table.

In Ouwejan s loan agreement, a commission obligation was anchored, which in the case of direct recruitment. Two million euros would then be due.

But even in the case of missing the top 3 Schalke would still have the option of permanent the service provider. The chances are pretty good that Ouwejan the left side line for even longer for the squint.

More: So expensive the Schalke could become a lot

Team College Terodde should certainly have nothing against it. Recently he revealed in the kicker interview, quickly noticed that Ouwejan has a fantastic left foot .

Three of his previous eleven goals were prepared by the Dutch – more likely to follow.

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