Meppen coach Schmitt about Koruk Like an ice cold angel

The 25-year-old finally scored his first goal for the SV Meppen in Wiesbaden. It was the important 2: 1 leadership hit, which he scored from the penalty point shortly before the halftime. That s a special day for me. It took a long time, said the striker, who has played since this season at the Lower Saxony, after the game at Magenta Sport .

At the level of 1: 1 Meppens Büning had been brought into the penalty area. Koruk joined and turned the penalty into the left corner – sovereign, as his coach found: How an ice-cold angel he skins the thing, said Rico Schmitt. He also impressed him that his captain Luka Tankulic, actually a penalty penalizer, Koruk presented the instance: This speaks for the morale in the team.

Koruk was pleased after the second away win of the Meper on the bus trip to the home: That will be a cool return trip. We will definitely hear one or the other song and celebrate a bit.

Wiesbaden coach Rehm finds nothing positive

Of course, the mood situation in the inferior opponent from Wiesbaden is quite different. That was too little today. We have to go to your own nose, said Rüdiger Rehm, the coach of the SVWW. With the first 35 minutes in which we had everything under control, I can live. Everything else can not satisfy us. There is nothing positive to find.

Whether the penalty whistle was entitled, the coach answered diplomatic: This can evaluate others. His player, who had caused the penalty, squeezed more concrete: Of course, I m just at the jersey, but the striker has accepted it immediately. He does not have to fall, the penalty you do not have to give, Gino Fechner said about the penalty The Meppen on the winning road brought and Koruk brought a happy afternoon.

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