CSGO PGL Major de Stockholm calendar equipment results and all the information of the tournament

The Competitive Circuit of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had been separated from its great party for two years. However, the PGL Major de Stockholm will bring back the Great Competition of the Valve Shooter behind the Involuntary Paron. An international tournament in which teams will fight for the most important trophy of the professional scene. There will be 24 participants among which Movistar Riders is located, the first Spanish team in history to participate in a competition of these dimensions.

It is time to start preparing and for this we will tell you everything you need to know about the next great competition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in which you will focus all the looks over the next few weeks.

All teams classified to Major and its category

When qualifying a major CS: GO is very important to do it in the first positions, since there are a total of three categories that can make the life of the equipment easier . They are the following, and we tell you what your differences are:

Legends : The eight teams that have led the classification, will have the advantage of classifying directly to the second phase of the Swiss format (you will see it explained in the Format section)
Aspirants : teams classified in the second block corresponding to their region according to the dotted system. They debut at the first phase of the Swiss format with the advantage that they can not face between them (here is Movistar Riders).
Contenders : Teams classified in the last block corresponding to your region according to the point system. They will have the disadvantage of entering the first phase of the Swiss format and confronting the sets of the aspirant category.

teams classified as legends

Equipment classified as aspirants

Equipment classified as contenders

Format of all phases of the Major de Cs: Go

Since the last great format change, all the Major of Counter-Strike have followed the same operating scheme. A first round of Swiss format is celebrated with aspirants and contenders (16 teams) where only half can be classified. Once this phase is played, they advance the second Swiss, where the classifieds cross with the legends in identical conditions. Again eight manage to be classified to advance to the quarterfinals.

Let s see it with something more detail …

Swiss format.

A group of 16 teams is created and the first confrontation is raffled as a function of its category (aspirants against contenders). After playing the first day under these conditions, a new raffle of crosses are carried out so that they have to face teams that have the same result: those who have won against those who have won and those who have lost against those who have lost. After each round, the process is repeated (equipment 1-1 against another 1-1, 2-1 against another 2-1 …) so that those who get three victories are classified and those who accumulate three defeats accumulate.

IWF21 - Wednesday 20/10/2021

This format is repeated in the first two rounds, eight equipment is eliminated in each. All matches are at the best of a map except those that are at stake or classification , which are disputed for the best of three.

Phase of Eliminatory

Eliminatory are disputed starting with eight teams from the quarterfinals that are matched based on their result in the second group of Swiss format. There is no second chance and all matches are disputed for the best of three maps, including the final.

Depending on the final classification of each of the phases, the following awards will be assigned …

ESL points: Qualifying points corresponding to Pro Tour events
BLAST Points: Classification to the World End of December, points for the Global Ranking

Calendar: Dates and Schedule of the Major de Stockholm

The next matches corresponding to the PGL Major de Stockholm will be played on October 26, corresponding to the first day of the first group of Swiss format. You can find the schedules detailed below:

When is each phase play?

Swiss 1: From October 26 to 29 from 10:00 CEST

Swiss 2: from October 30 to November 2

Final quarts : November 4 and 5
Semifinals : November 6

Final : November 7

The last weekend of October is carried out in Spain the time change.

Where to see the PGL Major de Stockholm?

To see the Major in Spanish we can go to the Titu Herranz channel and disguise it in its live broadcast.

Although surely you can see Movistar Riders parties, there will be simultaneous matches that we can only see on the PGL channels. You can find it in the retransmission in English in both the main channel and in the seduction

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