Cacao Games Umamusume Gesta 2021 Exhibits

Cacao Games (each representative Nam Gong Hoon, Cho Gyu-hyun) announced that the Mobile RPG Umamusume Pretty Derby was developed by Games (Representative Watanabe Koichi) on the 22nd.

Cacao Games confirmed the participation of the Umamusume Pretty Derby as a Gesta 2021 lineup, which is held in Busan on November 17th to 5 days from November 17th,

The representative image of the Umamusume Pretty Derby released this time is to put the characters that appear in the game in a cut, and are increasing the expectation of the game.

Cacao Games offers a souvenir at the completion of the event for visitors who visited the Gusta Umamusume Pretty Derby booth. We plan to carry out colorful souvenirs for users who have been able to participate in offline events.

The Umamusume Pretty Derby is a trainer that has been a character that has been a member of the race of Gyeongju, and a tranquility, and aims to win the victory of the race, and a fostering simulation game that goes to the victory of the race, High Story and Free Foster Strategy Method are key features.

The details related to Uma Musume Pretty Derby are now scheduled to be released on the Gesta 2021 special page in the currently prepared.

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