The Pok mon collectible card game reveals a new mechanics

The Pokémon collectible card game has revealed a new mechanics that will be introduced into sets next year. Today, The Pokémon Company released a commemorative video that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon collectible card game. At the end of the video, The Pokemon Company revealed its first official VSTAR card: Arceus vstar. The new VSTAR mechanics functions as a combination of the VMAX and GX mechanics introduced into previous sets. Players can only play a VMAX Pokémon card by placing it on a Pokémon v card that is already at stake. Unlike VMAX cards, the Pokemon VStar card has a special single-use ability called VSTAR POWER. In the case of Arceus VSTAR, the VSTAR Power of the letter allows the player to look for two cards any cards in his deck in his hand. Defeat a VSTAR Pokémon card reward the player with two prizes. You can see the full video below:

Battle of the Regions (HOENN vs SINNOH) - Pokemon Battle Revolution (1080p 60fps)

The VSTAR mechanics will probably be one of the main tricks of the Pokémon collectible card game as it enters 2022. Other cheats recently introduced include V Union cards, a set of four letters that combine to form a single powerful Pokémon with multiple attacks and skills. . Players can only play a Pokémon v Union when the four cards that combine the Pokémon are in the pile of discarding a player. The game also continues with its mechanics Battle Style when entering a third Style Battle in the next Fusion Strike expansion. The Pokémon with a battle style do not have additional skills or additional powers by themselves, but players can build a deck that is synergy around a specific battle style.

The mechanics of VSTAR will be introduced into the Japanese Set «Star Birth» in January 2022, which will be conveniently published only a couple of weeks before Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Given its proximity to the launch of the new game, the VSTAR mechanics will probably serve as a substitute for the noble Pokémon who will appear in that game. Wait listening to more news about VSTAR mechanics and its introduction into non-Japanese sets in the near future.

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