Nintendo Switch online expansion package already price and date

The Nintendo Switch Online is a set of features of the Nintendo Switch Video Game Console requiring the payment of a subscription. These features include online multiplayer game, cloud backup, voice chat, access to a Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System game library. After a period of time some of its features were available for all toll-free users, the service became paid on September 19, 2018. Since October 25, 2021, a new Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack (Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Set In Francophone Canada) is made available with the addition of Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games (SEGA Genesis in some areas) in addition to the features already included, for double the rate.
This is the third generation online service of Nintendo, after Wi-Fi Nintendo and Nintendo Network.
In September 2020, the service had 26 million subscribers around the world.

Nintendo announced on Friday, at the end of his animal Crossing Direct, new details about the expansion package for the online Nintendo Switch service.

We expected it for October and, indeed, it will be available from day 26 of this month. So far, no problem.

The price, however, is something else. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack It will cost € 39.99 per year if one opts for the individual subscription – there is no option to pay only one month or three months – and € 69.99 in case of going by The family subscription, which allows to activate the service in up to eight accounts. It is, in both cases, double what is still by costing Nintendo Switch online to dry, to play online and move games saved to the cloud.

As it was commented in the previous Bayonetta 3 Direct, this expansion includes an increasing catalog of classic games from Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive – of the moment nine of the first console and thirteen more Ristar of the machine of Sega. In addition, the presentation of last week served to announce that also the next DLC of payment for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that happy HAPPY Home Paradise that premieres on November 5 and will cost € 24.99 if it is purchased separately, also You can play at no additional cost while enlarged the extended subscription.

In the absence of seeing how you can add value to the proposal (more downloadable content, who knows if more game people from other platforms), the discontent of the community can be measured in dislikes : those who accumulate the video above are unusual The Youtube channel of Nintendo Spain.

On the official website of the service you have more information about this Nintendo Switch online + expansion package .

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