Valorant fraud reports are on an all time low

While no competitive FPS game will ever be absolutely lightning, when it comes to cheaters, especially a free-to-play game, some make a significantly better job than others when it comes to keeping the number of poor actors low .

Valorant by Riot Games is such a game that impressed with its fight against fraudsters thanks to constant updates and improvements of his vanguard anti-cheat system and its resources to improve competitive integrity. Today into a blog post, Riot has provided an update to the fight against cheaters, and the short version is: damn good.

According to Matt, K3o Paoletti, Valorants Senior Anti-Cheat Analyst, are the reports of players who come across cheaters in their games, on an all-time low. K3o not only praises the competitive integrity of the Valorant Champions Tour, but also says that the reports of players in Valorant Ranklist games downward tend to a point where they have achieved the lowest level of all time .

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While K3o acknowledges that there has been an increase in reports in some geographic regions, as the popularity of valorant spreads, Riets means efforts to improve Vanguard that the overall development for fraud is declining worldwide.

Certain regions recorded peaks in the detector data, but through additional investigative and intelligence efforts, as well as continuous improvements in Vanguard, we were able to compensate for these peaks and maintain competitive integrity worldwide, says K3o.

Our reigning, defending anti-cheat analyst @ Riotk3o is back to treat competitive integrity, the current state of the fraud and the future of Vanguard. Read the full report:

-Valorant (@playValorant) 18 . October 2021

He also explains that the biggest threats to competitive integrity lately has an increasing popularity of external hardware cheats, cheat providers who are informed more about machine learning, and Cheaters that strengthen other players by combining themselves with them Because you know your account is closed, but the Boostee would retain the unlawfully acquired profits. K3o, however, says his team had always been a few steps ahead of .

You can look at the complete breakdown of the competitive integrity of K3o here.

Since other free-to-play FPS titles want to strengthen their efforts to boot fraudsters from their servers (a certain Battle Royale begins with, W falls one thing), it looks like valorant certainly the Lock is on which you should go to destinations, if you want to make competitive integrity at a top priority.

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