Sebastian Hoene after 5 0 That must be clear now

It was not the first time that Sebastian Hoeneß had appealed to the attitude and attitude of his team. In front of the country break, the 39-year-old had urged his previously in Stuttgart (1: 3) to negligent professionals into conscience and set them up against Cologne accordingly. The result could not only be seen numerically. We wanted to show a reaction, and that was very good, Hoeneß reduced after the 5-0 victory on Friday evening, it was a good team performance from the first to the last second. The boys had a lot of positive energy in the square , a lot of mentality. We have lived the basics of football today. That s the basis for us, that s what we have to put in the place.

If this home match would have fallen wrong, and the team would not have brought the full passion to the place again, it could have become uncomfortable for Hoeneß. Therefore, in the face of the defiance of his troupe, Hoeneß felt a mixture of joy, confirmation and relief. So the head coach again emphasized what he s important to him: We want to stand for what we have shown today, a team that has gotten for each other and played intensively football. And then playing a good football, says Hoeneß, the Equal relapses prevention: That must now be clear to everyone.

Hoeneß Plan had risen in every way. He had nominated his most aggressive actors and also arranged surprisingly in a 3-4-1-2 formation for the opponent. We were handy from the beginning and knew what to come up to us. It worked on the first minute, double-oriented manifold Ihlas Bebou, we have to become more constant now. If we show these greeds, we will continue our points to fetch.

And convince the audience. Where recently rather the trial mood in a largely empty round ruled, at least the TSG fans under the 14,309 spectators celebrated their team with standing ovations and long-belonged songs: Oh, how is that beautiful, you have not seen something like that.

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