LOL The Skin suggested by a Riot employee and canceled by his companions who designed the community

League of Legends has one of the most extensive communities on the planet. This situation causes naturally some crossed stories in which the ideas of the developer are overlapped with old suggestions of the community as if they were a kind of serendipia. There are many examples in this regard and the repertoire does not stop renewing. However, the last case that has caught our attention is The Skin suggested by a Riot worker to the company in which no one believed and had already designed a fan.

A Skin that did not seem to fit in League of Legends

The ideas of this Riot Games worker shared with the community in a list of Skins suggestions that should reach the game were very particular. On the one hand, he presented the Alternative of Skarner Guardian of the stars, a parody similar to the one who ended up receiving Urgot. On the other, he repeated with the scorpion to create a couple next to Rek sai corresponding to the collection of Valentine . All the concepts, discarded by the Skins team of League of Legends.

The surprise arrived when a player reminded this developer the existence of an aspect with that theme created by a fan for one of the monsters he suggested. It was Rek sai, who had received a very ingenious Skin in which an adaptation was demonstrated to the much more interesting theme of which we could imagine in the first place and that at the time caused very good opinions among the players. As a curiosity, a fan also created a very particular cosmetic for Skarner, although much more terrifying.

In the image with which the aspect was presented, besides seeing how the skin would be adapted to the subject, imagine good part of their skills. Very interesting concepts as the launch of a projectile that reminded a heart, the use of tunnels to create crowns of roses or the idea of ​​ a rain of hearts when immersed to launch the definitive are something we would not expect from a Champion like Rek sai.

Although Riot Games is increasingly aspects to League of Legends League of Legends, It seems unlikely to be encouraged to carry out such extravagant ideas . They pose an interesting artistic challenge for their creators and are the living representation that even the most crazy ideas can have a great execution. However, when it comes to few popular characters who do not receive so many skins, the developer usually goes on insurance.

This Skin design was created by Jenner Chen, an artist from the League of Legends community to whom you can follow in his ArtStation profile.


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