Efootball Date your update to fix the faults found since its launch

Definitely, the community is not happy with the new Efootball: a game that radically changed the line that followed with PES and promised aspects that, for the moment, have been eclipsed by terrible problems . Before the gigantic avalanche of negative criticism in Steam, which has placed it as the worst valued game of the platform, Konami has put down to work to fix the situation as much as possible. And this attempt, who advances to its expected autumn update, already has a specific date .

The patch will try to fix all the problems reported by the community This has been announced by the developer through the official Twitter account of Efootball, where they leave an image in which this patch will be available 28 October : It will focus on fixing the problems that have been reported and those who will continue reporting. We will update the details later and we will listen to your comments and requests at Future updates .

In this way, Efootball prepares to launch its version 0.9.1 Before the situation is going from the hands to Konami, since half the Internet has been horrifying and laughing at equal parts with animation failures and The faces of the players during the matches. Therefore, and although precipitated, the last Konami game will premiere this patch before its autumn update, which will be available November 11 and will include new content in the game.

Therefore, it will be to see if this attempt of Konami manages to fix the disaster it has caused, both with the game and with the first impressions that the community has been taken. Since, between bugs, laughter and fly, Steam users have given their opinion on the title tagging efootball as a game of psychological terror.

We have already counted on a fairly positive opinions of Comrade Martín Amahazurra, who has been able to play a more polished version of the game . However, we can not ignore what has been initially presented in the market, so we also have an Efootball analysis written by Toni Piedrabuena that takes into account the descallable of its first weeks .

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