Fine for players after fighting attack on referee

After the bouncing attack on a 60-year-old referee, a county league player has to pay 2000 euros penalty. The district court Düsseldorf condemned the 24-year-old on Tuesday for personal injury. On September 27, 2020, the malefactor had attacked the referee in a game of the district league B between the TSV Eller 04 and the Garather SV and injured by two female bars against his neck.

In the 80th minute, the referee had shown the yellow-red card after the 24-year-old after a repeated foul game, this seasoned out and went on the impartial lot. According to the descriptions of the referee, it had already come to constant criticism and infants on the part of the Garather SV. This then culminated in the dispersion of the defendant who attacked the referee according to the accusation with targeted blows.

The prosecutor therefore demanded a prison sentence of eight months on probation due to dangerous personal injury. However, in the view of the district court Düsseldorf, the attack was significantly less dangerous than described in the indictment and witnesses of the opposing team. Thus, the 24-year-old did not tailor the larynx of the referee and missed him a hand-cutting. According to the court, the referee would therefore not have been in mortal danger. Whether the 60-year-old was unconscious through the attack, the witnesses contradicted. The defendant played targeted blows – he only pushed the referee.

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The Garather SV had thrown his player after the incident from the club and banned him to enter the sports facilities.

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