FIFA 22 Best young midfield

Here you will find the best talents on the positions ZM, ZOM and ZDM for the career mode of FIFA 22 . Meinmmo shows you the midfielder with the greatest potential as well as strong and yet cheap midfield talents.

Midfielder are the most versatile players on the football field and can ensure additional safety in the attack for danger or before the defense. We introduce you to the best young midfield talents for the career mode.

Overall, the midfield covers 3 positions:

Zom – Central offensive midfielder often have a lack of physique, are fast, can be dribbling and fit.
ZM – Central midfielder are all-round talents and can do everything a bit.
ZDM – are something powerful and bring more physical and defense strengths into play, but there are often a lack of technology.


So that you can look out the best and / or cheapest talents with potential for the start of your career, you will find the great overview of the talents on the central positions here on Meinmmo. We show you the best as well as strong talents that are cheap.

The best talents with the highest potential on all positions can be found here:

Best midfield talents with the greatest potential in the career

These are the best midfield talents: We show you the best midfielder for the career of FIFA 22, which are a maximum of 23 years old. In the list, however, are also well-known talents such as Phil Foden or Kai Hanctz, which are not easy to get slightly easy through their high market value.

Cheap midfield talents with the best price-performance ratio

Here we present 10 players who have a maximum potential of 87 and are not too expensive and do not exceed the market value of 10 million. These can help you especially at the beginning of the career if the budget is a bit scarce.

What do you say about the midfield talents? Which do you get you for your team? Tell us in the comments!

If you are more active in the Ultimate team than in the career mode, then we have put together a strong Bundesliga starter squad for you:

FIFA 22: Here is a strong Bundesliga starter team for little coins

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