Seoanes Praise for Wagner s Young Boys

Although Seoane has been working as a football teacher in Leverkusen since this summer, he has not lost sight of his ex-club. Thus, the Swiss example meadow pursued the play-offs to the Champions League between YB and tomorrow’s Leverkusen opponent in the Europa League, Ferencvaros Budapest.

And on Tuesday, the 42-year-old was in front of the television eyewitness of the surprise success of the Swiss Master against Manchester United with Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. I was extremely happy, said Seoane, one sees that the team was matured over the last years and now made this coup.

For me it was from afar to see that this great story continues at Young Boys.

Gerardo Seoane

In his statements, however, Seoane was concerned about emphasizing the merit of his colleague and successors in Bern: Congratulations to David Wagner, who makes a fantastic job with the staff. For me it was nice to see that this great story continues at Young Boys.

Seoane warns: Everyone can beat everyone

From which he benefited in his preparation for the Europa League game against Ferencvaros Budapest. So he was able to use YB or manunited as a warning example of his professionals against Ferencvaros Budapest clearly favored professionals.

The imaginary financial value of a team does not have such an influence in a game, which has shown the game Young Boys against Manchester United impressive. Everyone can beat everyone, says Seoane, Nevertheless, we have the right to be better than Ferencvaros , But there is always a question of attitude and performance on the day X. For example, Leverkusen’s coach is likely to have been doubly about the Berner Triumph.

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