Retro Shengu British collection fried hot

The Shengu British circle blows a classic Shengu British style, many people rob that this class retro train, but the Shengu British price is also high. In this regard, Platinum Studio Creative Director Shengu British is worried that it may hinder the development of Shengu British culture.

In the interview foreign media VGC interview, the Gamu British tree said that he is also a collector, so I can understand why there are more than those of those who have not unpacked old Shengu Britishs. Many people will purchase the value after the package, and it is not necessarily to see the Shengu British body. However, such a phenomenon, it is not conducive to trying to play the fans of the old Shengu British. After all, the average person may not have enough silver bombs, compete with a group of collectors in a crazy trading market.

Shen Gu British Tree stressed whether players could not obtain the original release of the Shengu British, and there was no way to get through other platforms, such a situation would threaten the industry, and even become a stumbling block of Shengu British culture. In order to prevent deterioration, companies or individuals with copyright should be more active to protect Shengu British culture, so that everyone has the opportunity to play Shengu Britishs.

Interview, the Gamu British tree has been expressed in the classic Shengu British boom, and has been asked to the development of the magic soldier shocking 3 , but unfortunately, it is still unable to disclose relevant messages. He and the studio of the studio were produced by rice Monthzi, and even the fans can temporarily forget the existence of this new work, emphasizing the right to disclose the news. According to this look, the players who are full of expectations have to wait.

Reference Original: Shengu BritishSpot

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