Global Pub Championship 2021 begins on November 19


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The Global Championship pubg will be a Hybrid LAN / Online tournament, which will begin at the end of this year on November 19.

This year has continued to affect the electronic sports enough, with the continuous problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that hinder the logistics of the tournaments. Pubg Eports has not been an exception to this, since it was previously based PGI.S as a hybrid LAN / online tournament. Now, the team of Pubg ESPORTS has announced that the same configuration will occur for the Global Pubg Championship.

A team statement says: The year 2021 was another difficult year due to the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, but we have done everything possible to continue with Pubg Esports worldwide by organizing pgi.s and 2 events of the series Puben continental. Now announcing the return of our beloved final of Pubg Esports, the Global Championship of Pubg 2021 .

We are excited to present details for the next global pubg championship in November 2021!

Throughout the year, we have heard your comments about the future of pubgedporte and we are excited to share our plans to reflect this. Thanks!

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The teams outside the tournament region will be invited to fly to Paradise City in Incheon, South Korea to participate. The event will be held from November 19 until December 19, with 32 teams around the world competing for the accumulated prize of $ 2 million. Twelve teams from Asia, eight European teams, six APAC teams and six teams from the Americas region will be invited.

The Global Championship pubg will consist of a five-week tournament that will include a week of rank decision, three weeks of the weekly league and a great end during the last week.


The Pubg ESports team will disclose more details about PGC 2021 after PGS5, which will be extended until October 5.

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