LOL The interesting change to Viego proposed by a player that Riot Games could learn something

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League of Legends It receives criticism of usual by two specific aspects of the game: inconsistency and new champions. Thematic that occasionally mix and that give rise to confusion among the players. The new characters are increasingly capable of carrying out more varied and mechanical tasks very risky, while they do not always follow the rules that Riot Games established as the standard for the rest of the heroes.

The interesting proposal of a player about Viego

Viego is one of the champions that stands out in this context. The arrival of him to the crack of the invoker has been somewhat rugged, having become a highly frustrating champion. Your victory rate of it barely reaches 47.5% but players continue to block it in one out of every five games. Situation caused mainly by its unique mechanics of possession of characters and the difficulty it offers to counteract it that has led to an interesting idea on the part of the community.

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The player’s proposal to avoid the great problems that the character is presenting is quite simple. Taking into account that Viego has a definite similar to that of Pyke, he should follow the same operating standards. Thus, the result would make the ruined king could not carry out a leap with the definitive (peer) if he does not impact an enemy goal.

This interesting premise would be an incredible nerf to the champion. However, the objective would be to unlock the current enroce to create a more satisfactory gameplay that meets one of the main premises of the developer: Any champion that appears in League of Legends must be, as well as fun, pleasant to face . A premise that seems to not be fulfilled in this case and that it could soon give rise to a cut of functions similar to that Samira suffered.


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