LOL Riot s homage to memes with which you will reward us to see the worlds 2021

One of the most critical aspects of League of Legends competitions are the scarce rewards that offer viewers. While in other titles the community is accustomed to taking all kinds of accessories to demonstrate in the items you have been enjoying the competition, Riot Games has never stumbled too much about her hand. A situation that, fortunately, is about to change thanks to a creative effort of the developer.

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The fun rewards to the players to see the worlds 2021

Far from throwing the house through the window with the rewards to see the Worlds 2021, the developer has simply improved the contents. Thus, new emoticons are already available in the PBE that will serve as a prize to the players who see a certain number of competition games. A total of six emojis that have as a special feature the fact of referring to easily recognizable memes that have been viral over recent times.

Teem like Pikachu surprised, the Memes of Harold and the famous images of him or the recent ‘Trade Offer’ have been referenced in a clear tribute from the developer to the Internet culture. So, without having to throw the rest in terms of budget or improve the category rewards offered, simply have shown that things can be done well and reward the players of League of Legends with interesting items that we will all want to use in The games.

All these rewards will be active from the beginning of the next world championship during the month of October. At the moment the goals required by the developer are unknown, but they can be achieved as free rewards for the viewing of the world competition. As usual, we can enjoy them in the language we prefer as long as we follow a series of steps that have not yet been revealed. Nothing badly considering that, in addition, we are facing the most important League of Legends competition of the year.

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