The Boys estrena teaser parodiando a Disney

The Boys _ _ is a show that is not just a parody of Marvel and other superhero movies, but also uses his world to criticize the absurdity of our reality. Now, to promote the third season of this program, it has released a new teaser, which is a clear reference to streaming services like Disney +.

Within the universe of The Boys, there is a television network, known as Vought, which plays an important role in the public perception of these characters. Thus have created mini episodes focused on this fictional television . Now, the latest chapter presents Vought +, which offers a subscription with familiar content that characterizes this company.

This was what Eric Kripke said, showrunner of The Boys, regarding these mini episodes:

Since the beginning of The Boys, we have seen the propaganda arm of Vought, I mean, the news channel, VNN. Delve into those fair and balanced Patriots next season, so, in advance, we will present ‘Seven on 7’ ​​with the biggest star of VNN, Cameron Coleman. The episodes are in the world canon, and provide new information that closes the gap in history between seasons 2 and 3. So enjoy hot shots and commercials catheters, as do your parents!

Regarding the third season The Boys for the time being no detailed information to give us a look at the world that awaits us in the future. However, considering the success of this series in Prime Video, it is sure to continue to see more than Homelander and company Vought +.

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Via: Vought International

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