Bus Simulator 21 Release

This is a listing of significant games using a variation of the Unreal Engine.

The timetable is: From now on, the bus simulator 21 (from 31,49 € at buy) for PC (via Steam), PlayStation and Xbox are available – and both physically in regular trade as well as digitally in download shops . This has been given Publisher Astragon Entertainment by press release. For the PC version, the ticket costs 34.99 euros, while you have to pay 49.99 euros on the consoles. With the Angel Shores Insider Skin Pack should also follow the first free DLC extension in the release week.

It is allowed to clamp behind the tax of 30 officially licensed and visually customizable buses that come from celebrities manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania or MAN. Overall, ten manufacturers are represented in the simulation in which, in addition to regular city buses, the articulated buses and even e-buses and biplane can be controlled for the first time. In addition, the creation of timetables and own routes belong to the tasks.

For the passenger transport, you can try on two large cards: On the one hand you will find with Seaside Valley the game world famous from the predecessor, including all areas from official map expansion. On the other hand, the new fictional scene Angel Shores invites to the USA. The new features include u.a. A dynamic change of daytime and weather as well as a quick travel function to facilitate navigation through the open world.

In addition to the standard, an extended edition from the bus simulator 21 is offered, which additionally contains the MAN Bus Pack with the brand new Man Lion’s City 12 city bus and three additional man interiors to adapt the interiors. The Extended Edition is offered on the PC for the price of 39.99 euros, on the consoles for 54.99 euros.

Last updated video: Release Trailer

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