The best skills improvements for Ellie in The Last of Us Part II

Ellie has access to five different skill trees to help refine its fight against infection, scarring and WLF in Seattle. However, there is no way to maximize all skill trees you will unlock (which is done by retrieving training manuals) in a single match. To some extent, this urge you to commit to a style of play and to add supplements to the skills that will benefit best for your preferred approach.

The skills of each tree are unlocked in order, each jurisdiction requires competence before being unlocked. There is no right or wrong way to play The Last of Us, II part, but we rounded up what we think are the best improvements in all five skill trees.

Tree of Savior - Wizard Skills Tree

Tree survival

This skill tree is given to you from the start and is ideal for anyone trying to survive. If you find you have trouble crossing the meetings, the third skill of this tree is improved health. The fifth and final jurisdiction Endurance is a must, especially on the toughest challenges, because it will survive a stroke.

craft Tree

Crafting is a necessity throughout the game, but the pace and variation between the fight and the crossing tend to give you a lot of time to create when you are not at the heart of the battle. We recommend you do not go beyond the first skill that tree Updates melee craft level. This will allow you to repair and improve melee weapons, but even this can sometimes be a waste of resources.

stealth Tree

Stealth, or at least the attempt to stealth until situations get out of order, is often the best strategy throughout the game. This is a vital tree for investing and unlock all skills. Having a quiet five shots can be a lifesaver in a pinch, and be able to accelerate both coated moves and stealth killings sneaky approach makes much more viable.

Tree of explosives

Blow Stuff is quite effective (albeit horribly bloody), but overall, your basic explosive serve you very well in most situations. That said, the first skill that tree Making explosive arrows, should definitely be bought. Explosive arrows work wonders against the groups and do not need to be particularly accurate for the job.

Precision shaft

This is important, but it is better to spend your supplements on trees survival and stealth, as many precision skills that affect the target can also be enhanced through improvements in small arms. Once you feel comfortable with your survival skills and stealth, though, is a good idea to maximize your precision shaft, particularly for the final jurisdiction Make more arrows . More arrows mean more stealth.

Again, there is no right or wrong way to play The Last of Us, II part and the game encourages you to personalize your experience according to what suits you. However, these skills should help new players and veterans alike.

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