PubG PTS How the Public Test Server works and what he is

How to get the PubG PTS for PS4, Xbox One and PC

(Credit: Pubg Corp)

The PubG PTS PS4 and Xbox One (Public Test Server) has been for a time for a PC player, but it was recently introduced for both PS4 and Xbox One. Many players wonder exactly what the PubG test server is doing and why he is there. That’s why we are here to get some light into the darkness and why he can be useful. Here you will find everything you need to know about the PubG PTS, including downloading and access to it.

What is the pub PTS?

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The PubG PTS is essentially the place where you can access upcoming pubg updates early. An important update for the game – as recently the console update 6.2 – will be available on the PubG test server before it is implemented in the main game.

This means that you can access functions at an early stage. Above all, however, you can help Pubg Corp to find errors and problems with the existing build. For the developer team, it is impossible to find jeden errors there is so that the PTS players allows to make contributions.

In particular, your progress and performance on the PTS will not transfer to the entire game. It serves exclusively for testing purposes and preview of new features.

To download the PubG PTS to the PC

If you buy PUBG at Steam, the pubG: test server is added to your library next to the main game. You have to install it separately, but if you do this, you have access to the latest patch before global publication.

How to download the PubG PTS to PS4

Navigate to PS4 to your play library and you will find the PubG – Public Test Server under the category purchased.

How to download the PubG PTS on Xbox One

If you are an Xbox One player, locate the PubG – Public Test Server in the Microsoft Store and download it or find it in the My Games and Apps section.

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