Max Jansen Close search the FSV Twichel and

The 3rd league knows the midfield man from his time in Duisburg and Halle. 98 missions Today, the 28-year-old graduated in this class of play for the MSV and the HFC, more should be added to FSV. There, the professional from Datteln at Recklinghausen Profi receives a contract until the end of the season. With Max we get an experienced central midfielder who will improve us in width with his ball security and battle strength, emphasizes FSV sports chief Toni Waxmuth. Jansen was trained at Schalke 04 and the VfL Bochum. In 2014 he moved to Halle, later he completed between 2017 and 2019 31 second league games for the SV Sandhausen. This was followed by a short two-month guest performance at the Belgian second division Royal Excelsior Virton before he went to the MSV. 3 . League – Highlights by MagentaSport ## Whimsical awards loud victory – Zwickau compensation thanks to the king All videos in the overview

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