Friends finally finally I will come to the Roll of the Lake Wizard Bex

The most lonely champion ‘no mu’ in League of Legend is expected to be friends. 츤 Dead of the Tree Charms, the Jones Wizard ‘Bex’.

Riot Games released a champion trailer that introduces a new champion ‘Bex’ through the League of Legion Official YouTube Channel. You can look at the overall character properties of Bex through the video and the main skills. Bex is hated the disturbance situation, and is wet with the right to the barbedness. He is living together with a colleague to make a shadow utilizing in play.

Last April, Riot Games Creator is explained that Becs said, Excessively lively champions are tremendously annoyed in the situation where they go around, You can see the appearance.

Bex is also a story-linked champion with a remodable king. Through the video, there is a scene that is referred to as a ‘decent guy’ for the raingoes, and it has been a state that caused the rain to be in the rain through the illusion event of light in July.

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Player is a magical wizard specialized in the midsums. The video is also illuminated through the video, and it is possible to confirm the attack, such as a castle, a wide area fear, and a projection using a shadow. Therefore, he is expected to be able to use the high attack power that is expected to the wizard champion, and it is expected to be able to use the rushing and fear.

Beck’s League of Legend update schedule has not been announced yet.

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