COD Warzone brings new action heroes into the game Shows Judge Dredd

Matches Incall of Duty: Warzone are shaped by chaos, arbitrariness and lawlessness. Time that someone cleans up in Verdansk. And the developers already know who has the stuff: the actionheld Judge Dredd, who will soon come as an operator in the game.

What’s going on? Call of Duty started since the start of the Battle Royale Warzone already 2 times cooperations with well-known figures from film and television:


  • To Halloween Event 2020 with Leather Face and Jigsaw
  • To Season 3 Reloaded in May 2021 with Rambo and John McClane

Now the official Call of Duty account on Twitter showed the next Hollywood veteran – Judge Dredd. Meinmmo shows you a few backgrounds to the new figure and speculates when the next role of Sylvester Stallone could take in Warzone. The Tweet with the first pictures we bind you here:

I am the law!

Who is Judge Dredd? The figure is known from the British comic staples of the series 2000 AD, which was created at the end of the 70s. In 2099, a large part of the earth nuclear desert and people live almost only in large mega cities, which sometimes have several hundred million inhabitants. A block of flats alone can already have 50,000 inhabitants.

Judge Dredd lives in such a city – Mega-City One with 400 million inhabitants on the east coast of North America. Regarding the right and order in such a concentration of people upholds, is quite difficult undertaking if condemnation must come from a complicated legal system. That’s why there are the street judges.

Judge Dredd is such a road judge and his duties are illustrated by his most famous quote: I am the law. These judges are at the same time police, jury, judge and hangman in one. Equipped with powerful equipment, the road judges ensure the chaos in the streets of the mega-cities under control and put the laws with a lot of action.

A recognition feature of Judge Dredd is his helmet, whom he never stops. Except Sylvester Stallone plays the role understanding. In addition to the comic staples, there were now some films, 1995 with Stallone and also in 2012 with Karl Urban (the mistake of The Boyz) in the role of Judge Dredd (via Wikipedia).

@Avoidthepudle omg check this shit out brew

  • Ozan (@ Morde93) September 1, 2021

How and when could Judge Dredd come? This can only be guessed. At the Rambo Event in May 2021 lay exactly 2 weeks between the first indications on the COD account and the release. Accordingly, Dredd could emerge in the game on 16 September. At that time, the two figures Rambo and John McClane came from Die Slow along with the Mid-Season 3 and an actionheldeld event.

If an event is planned for Dredd, the timing does not fit up. The MID Season 5 could be announced at any time and an event is already known: The Numbers. What is behind the event is still unclear, but a connection to the Dredd Universe is rather unlikely. The Numbers, ie the numbers, are part of the Black Ops story of Call of Duty and probably the event is rather brainwashing and the Mason operator.

Possible would be the release to the mid-season quite, but more likely is currently a released with the start of the Season 6 on 07 October. Although this date appears a little too far away, that now the first teaser came to Judge Dredd.

It is also exciting that so far, there were always 2 figures from different movie universes in the game in the cooperation. Maybe Judge Dredd also gets even reinforcement – enough action roles from Sylvester Stallone would definitely be present and Rocky would certainly make a good figure in Battle Royale.

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Warzone brings the next action heroes into the game and it becomes exciting, to see how Judge Dredd is inserted into Battle Royale. So far, the cooperations were always associated with changes in the game. For the event with Rambo and Die Die slowly even a huge skyscraper came into play, which until today represents an eye-catcher of the city center of Verdansk.

Does the new cooperation appeal? Or much more important: Which figure would you like to see in Warzone? Discuss with us and the Meinmmo community in the comments.

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